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Hello Everyone!¬† Its me — that girl who used to blog!¬†¬† I promise I have not forgotten this page, but I am making the leap from to a self-hosted blog.¬† Some big things may be in the works for my family and I, so I wanted more flexibility.¬† Don’t forget about me!¬†


Don’t call it a comeback…..

Throwback Friday ya’ll!!!¬†¬† “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” — LL Cool J

So here’s the deal.¬† I am almost almost done with classes for the semester — which also means I am almost done with all the required classes I have for my PhD!¬† Yay!¬† However, that is why I’ve been MIA since February…..because they are trying to kill me right until the end.¬† So just know I’ll be back….very soon!

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Video Break: Anjelah Johnson

Okay so yes this is a departure for Black History Month…because Ms. Johnson is Hispanic and Native American. ¬†But I love her. ¬†She makes me laugh, every time. ¬†She even makes my boss laugh — so now we have fun inside jokes. ¬†So that’s why she gets to bring in March ūüôā

A little bio from the good folks at wikipedia: Anjelah Nicole Johnson (born May 14, 1982) is an American actress, comedienne, and former NFL cheerleader. Johnson is most notable as a cast member on the series MADtv during its 13th season. Her characters included a Vietnamese nail salon employee and a rude fast food employee named Bon Qui Qui.

Black History Month: Key and Peele


So my husband hates Key and Peele, but I love them. ¬†I love them because they use their platform to tackle difficult topics surrounding race, flash judgements, stereotypes, and other “isms”. ¬† I don’t find every sketch funny …but I still laugh out loud each time I see the sketches about Luther – President Obama’s Anger Translator (which is really about minorities having to change who they are to be accepted by the majority race), Substitute Teacher (about minority names), and the Football intro sketches that bring in the Substitute Teacher names (I see you Aaron Blake!). ¬† I find the duos willingness to explore such topics and issues refreshing — like a mini version of Dave Chapelle when he tackled white supremacy (e.g. Clayton Bigsby), the 1950s (e.g. Meet the Niggers), and racial tension (e.g. the Race Draft). ¬†So enjoy, even if my husband will roll his eyes!


A bit about Key and Peele from wikipedia: Key & Peele is an American sketch comedy television show.[5] It stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, both former cast members of MADtv.[6] Each episode of the show consists of several pre-taped sketches starring the two actors, introduced by Key and Peele in front of a live studio audience. The sketches cover a variety of societal topics, often with a focus on Black-American culture and race relations.


Video Break: Real life….conference call


This is deadly accurate, yeah!! Conference calls can be the best and the worst way to get work done. However, you know what is worse now? The video call.  

Ever caught yourself laughing during a video call…at something that is totally not happening on the call? Multitasking with YouTube is ill advised while on video…even if the sketch of the kitten getting attacked by the pet lizard is hilarious! With video conference calls one cannot necessarily be in her PJ’s with my hair all akimbo. ¬†I say necessarily because I could be wearing PJ bottoms, but a nice top. ¬†Though…I’ve never done that on a video conference call…nope..never…..