And so….

I’ve decided to jump into the blogging world for various reasons.  First, because I sincerely think my poor friends on other social media outlets are tired of hearing my ramblings and rantings.  I think they would rather me post when I’m out shopping, and what color top I purchased than have deeply contentious postings on incarceration policy, gun control, community policing, and why the hell weddings cost so damn much.  Second, I’m a PhD student — and perhaps I need to give myself more room to write.  To build that analytical muscle.  Third, I’d like to experience the growth that can come with journaling.  However, I know damn well I’m not going to scribble my thoughts down in a leather bound book.  Yet, I might do it here — and who knows, my ramblings might just resonate with someone out there.  Give them a forum to discuss, talk, agree, or politely (and I mean that) disagree.

This blog is going to be about my research interests, my passions, and my life.  Cooking side-by-side with  politics.  Wedding laments followed by fashion.  The prison industrial complex, and my admitted love of Ugg boots.

I’m complex, but hey this is my little nitch on the internet.


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