Pinterist Schmenterist: Shrimp and Cream Cheese Grits

So the Fiance and I were trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and he volunteered shrimp and grits.  Perfect!  We wanted something quick and easy, as we had spent a good part of the day outside target shooting on the farm.  Side note:  I have realized 9mm’s are not for me, I will SO stick with anything that shoots a .22!    

I had remembered this recipe from The Caramel Jar (recipe here) that I had recently pinned, and decided to make the grits like the recipe.  However, when we went to the grocery store — I never looked up the recipe.  I knew I had grits and a brick of cream cheese in my farm kitchen.  No need to look anything up…..well that was wrong.  As you can see if you click the recipe — it takes heavy cream, whole milk, and she used stone ground grits.   So what is a girl to do…find something comparable and swap! Not to mention that I’ve recently started Weight Watchers and I DO NOT want to know how much one serving of The Caramel Jar’s grits would be!   [Though I did happily find out that there are activity points to be had from my shooting outing.  I stand while I shoot (be it a handgun or my rifel), and I do try to move about a bit to get better at hitting the target!  Yay activity points!]

So I doctored a Tase of Home (recipe here) since I had most of those ingredients in our pantry or basement stockpile.  Here were our changes:

  1. I used four cups of just straight chicken broth (Kroger brand with 33% lower sodium).  I didn’t bother with the water + bouillon mix.  
  2. We had no chives, but we are a household that oddly had shallots of all things.  So I diced up a very small one, and tossed it into the warming broth before it boiled to make sure the pieces softened and fragranced the broth.
  3. I used quick grits and the world did not stop.  It’s what we had, so I went for it.  I threw the cup in after the chicken broth had began to boil.
  4. I used an entire package of cream cheese — which is 8 oz not three.  I don’t know where Tase of Home is finding three ounce packages of cream cheese, so I made an assumption they were incorrect.  It melted into the grits just fine, promise.
  5. I also added fresh ground pepper while folding in the cream cheese.  The recipe didn’t call for it, which I found odd.  I added ZERO salt by the way.
  6. We did NOT add the shrimp to the grits.  The Fiance lightly sautéed/warmed the pre-cooked (but still slightly frozen) tail-on shrimp in some butter (this is the South!  No judgement!  He was proud of himself because he’s from DC, and usually thinks Southerners use of butter its nuts.), minced shallots, and garlic.

So we ended up just scooping some of the thick and creamy grits into a bowl, and topping them with the shrimp and a spoon full or so of the softened garlic/shallots mix.  And the entire meal took about 20 minutes or so.

So this is what it turned into — a delicious melty mix of what virtually is a shrimp scampi (what I counted it in my points tracker as — that would be 7 Weight Watchers Plus Points for 6 Medium Shrimp (our shrimp were small, and small wasn’t an option, so I made a best guess) and creamy and cheesy grits (from the nutritional values given on the Taste of Home website that equals to 7 Weight Watchers Plus Points).

If you try it let me know what you think and what you changed (if anything!).



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