Pinterist Schmenterist: Semi-Homemade Edition








So I have just a few requirements of my fiance.  One is that he love me forever, of course.  Second is that he never stops holding my hand.  Third is that our house is never without a healthy supply of garlic infused olive oil.  Yes seriously.  That’s a requirement.  I can’t remember the first time my fiance made the garlicy nectar — but I remember how it perfumes the house when he makes it.  I know that day I get to nibble on crunchy garlic bits, and have a fresh dip of the oil onto whatever bread or starchy substance is in the house.  It’s one of my favorite days.  If you’re interested, making it is fairly easy.  I do not have the ratios — perhaps one day he’ll give them to me.  However, the ingredient list is:

  • Regular Olive Oil (not EVOO, just regular)
  • Fresh Garlic and LOTS of it — I swear I think he used at least five heads
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Black Pepper

To create this delicious dipping/cooking oil, you put the olive oil in a strong pot — he uses one that is nonstick actually and bring it up to temp.  Not boiling oil, not smoking, just hot.  Then you add in your garlic (the fiance uses the Ninja Express Chop (found at Target HERE and loves that little tool to death.  They are not paying us anything for this endorsement, but it’s a good little chopper) and let it cook and infuse the oil. The goal is to slowly cook the garlic so you have well perfumed oil, and those beautiful brown little crunchy bits of garlic in it — not blackened garlic, crunchy and brown.  Then you turn off the heat — strain out the garlicy bits (I keep them for topping things honestly — and eating just cause) and put the oil in a vessel of your choosing.  We use mason jars.  Then he adds in parmesan cheese (as in the pre-grated kind from Kraft in all honesty) and black pepper (see it at the bottom of the jar?).   Thats it.  Before using it — shake it up well and then go for it.  We love dipping hunks of bread in it, slathering bread with it before we pop it in the toaster, so on so forth.

This was an integral part of dinner this weekend — as we were nearly out of the delicious stuff.  And the plan was to make a chicken — but I slept in.  So we went to plan B, which was a pre-marinated pork loin.  However we did doctor it up a bit.  The fiance popped the teriyaki sauced pork into a crock pot with

  • More teriyaki sauce –we used the Island Teriyaki from Trade Joe’s
  • Chopped up jalapeño peppers (to taste)
  • Chopped up Red Onions

We let that cook for about four hours on LOW, and checked it’s internal temp with a meat thermometer.  The meat came out nicely, and then my man doctored up the cooking sauce a bit.  Now I have no clue what he put in that other than some Soy Sauce, Schricha, and some other random asian themed things that half of the time I can’t read [love marring someone who is part-Japanese, but he can’t read it either!].  Regardless, it came out wonderfully tasty.  He cooked up some rice, and I sautéed some fresh spinach in a bit of the garlicky olive oil (we just used the same pot honestly, with the little bit of oil left clinging to the pan) and topped it with some of the crunchy garlic pieces.  I had my dinner with a Bold Rock Virginia Draft cider.  It is my new favorite.  I picked it up at our local food co-op, but I also purchased some from Kroger as well.  I like this particular cider because it feels more “stout” than a normal cider (less bubbly– which is better for my Lap Band).   All in all it was a good dinner, and we got caught up on Gold Rush and Moonshiners while noshing!



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