Politics: Gun Rights, Gun Owners, and Politics

Soon on the blog we will be welcoming our first guest blogger.  A former college of mine will be providing post weighing in on tough political issues of the day, from a conservative perspective.  Although he and I usually are polar opposites, we do sometimes see eye-to-eye but always respect each other.  I’m proud to have graduated with him.   By way of a preview to our post/counter post blogs that will be forthcoming.  Here is some of the testimony that occurred on January 30th by Mark Kelly.  Kelly is the husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — who was shot during an open air town hall.

The issue of gun control is a fascinating one, filled with lots of twists and turns.  More so it is a polarizing issue — that can pit friends and family against each other.  I found part of Kelly’s testimony fascinating because he is part of the new generation of pro-gun regulation advocates.  Kelly, and Giffords BOTH own firearms, and have no plans on relinquishing them.  I think this is a movement for the regulation side that will be more prevalent.  I plan to explore that dichotomy in my counter post to Jonathan’s — as I am pro-regulation but a gun owner myself — marrying a Libertarian leaning NRA member (odd I know).

“Rights demand responsibility, and this right does not extend to terrorists, it does not extend to criminals and it does not extend to the mentally ill,” he said. “When dangerous people get guns, we are all vulnerable, at the movies, at church, conducting our everyday business, meeting with a government official, and time after time after time, at school, on our campuses and in our children’s classrooms.” – Mark Kelly [Jan 30, 2013]

What do you think about Kelly’s testimony?


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