Welcome, Nice to See You — Now I Should Do Homework

Thank you all so much for dropping in on my little part of the internet!  I am so excited to be writing about my life, and maybe having a positive impact on someone — or answering someone’s questions about fitness, weight loss, reluctant wedding planning, and politics!

I’m still a beginning blogger, and casual — so while I get the hang of this thing, bear with me!  As you can see above I am a full time student, so I’m getting back into the swing of school while trying to figure out what YOU dear reader enjoy most.  What I’m seeing is a high interest in fitness, food, and wedding post — so they will be coming at ‘cha!  However, there will still be the continued focus on African-American women during the month of February  and political discussions too!

If there is something about fitness or wedding planning (certainly from a full-time student/African-American perspective) that you would like for me to write about let me know!

Back to our regularly scheduled post tomorrow! And I’m off to finish my homework for the 9am class I’m supposed to be at *ugh!*



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