Fit Eating: Panera Breakfast Power Sandwich

So I decided to stop by the sole fast-food restaurant I still eat at.  I think one of the worst parts about trying to reform your eating is realizing that you really really REALLY like that junky food you were nom-nom-noming on.  I recently saw a commercial for 2-for-$3 chicken nuggets and fries at McDonalds.  I can’t even lie — I got all nostalgic for my childhood.  I used to eat the breading off the nugget, then dip it into the BBQ sauce.  Crispy salty fries were also dunked into the sauce.  And at only $3 to get a little fix and taste of happiness?!  But then I had to gently remind myself — that while I *can* eat it. I shouldn’t eat it.  Because lets be for real — it will make me sicker than a dog.

So with that in mind, I decided to treat myself to breakfast at the one fast food establishment that seemingly utilizes whole foods in acceptable ways.  Today I had no desire for the “hidden menu” bowl that I normally get (see THIS post).  I wanted some carbs.  I glossed over the menue, and after talking myself out of delicious looking things like egg soufflés and sandwiches with bacon — I settled on the Breakfast Power Sandwich.  Strong name, will the taste match?

Panera states that the Breakfast Power Sandwich is

All-natural egg — freshly cracked every morning — a thick slice of Vermont white cheddar and smoked, lean ham all grilled on freshly baked Whole Grain bread.

Panera Bread Co. Power Breakfast Sandwich

So there it is in all its sandwichy glory.  Taste:  It actually was pretty good.  The sandwich is a little dense in my opinion.  It has a well cooked egg, cheese, and the ham to give lots of protein.  The multi-grain bread was very dense as well.  Good sandwich bread — but if you are a lap-band patient you should take your time.     Stats: Here is a screen cap below from Panera’s website about the complete stats —

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.34.33 AM


For those who are Weight Watchers — the entire sandwich is 9 Points.   I personally don’t think its a bad little sandwich — but for some of you the fact that it appears to be HALF a sandwich will make you a little miffed.   It could maybe use an infusion of veggies — and I’m sure the good folks at Panera bread wouldn’t be opposed to throwing a little spinach on it for you.  Anyone else tried this sandwich?


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