Ronald Davis, Reddit, and Homelessness — Do we or Do we not….

No matter what people think of me– I know I am a Human first. —Ronald Davis

I saw this Gawker article about Mr. Davis in my newsfeed.  Sure there point was beating up on Reddit.  However what I saw was a wicked problem — or a Big Issue as the PBS serices on social policy is called, that was inspired by Mr. Davis’ video.  So what do we do when we see an pan-handler.  I was taught that they could be dangerous, so to not give money but walk way and answer politely.  I still say  “No, I’m so sorry” to every person who asks me for change as I’m walking down the street.  My fiance, on the other hand, is concerned that if we ever move to a large city I’d never make it to work on time.  He was raised in DC — so he’s good at the BCI — or the “Big City Ignore”.  I swear sometimes I wonder if he even sees the homeless, like really sees them.  He was trained to just ignore and keep walking.  I keep walking, but I see them.  I see them and I’m not sure how to help, how to solve it.  I honest to goodness usually don’t have cash (I am a true Millennial who lives by their debit card); but even if I do have cash…I walk by politely acknowledging their request, their humanness, but still giving them nothing.  What can we do?  What should we do?  Should Reddit find this guy and help him get on his feet?  Is that that organizations call to social change?  Why didn’t PBS help him (well we know why…they are poor too!)?  Why didn’t a Chicago orgization help him — this video went viral on YouTube of late…… in my Discourse Analysis class we watched a video with Feminist writer Judith Butler and a companion talking about disabilities.  Ms. Butler said soemthing that was applicable to not only disabilities — but any kind of issue where humans need help:

“Do we or do we not live in a world where we assist each other?”—Judith Butler

So do we?


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