Roses in the Rubble

If Orange Marmalade Cake reminds you of the beloved Mitford book series by Jan Karon (& all the deliciously delightful visions of food therein : )  – guess what!?!  ‘Tis THAT cake… the one Father Tim adores (!) that Esther Bolick makes for every special occasion in Mitford…

Easter cake close upAnd, yes, it has become a tradition for Virginia (your humble blogger who also doubles as the chief cook & bottle washer of the Woodward Home) to bake it at least once a year – either for Mama’s March 15th birthday or for Easter.

Easter Jan Karon cookbookOf course, it’s easy getting sidetracked with Jan Karon’s beautiful “Mitford Cookbook & Kitchen Reader” (a true work of love!) – there are so many amazing recipes & lovely excerpts from her books…

…But, this year on Easter Sunday (after recovering from a midnight post-Easter-Vigil-Lent-is-over–chocolate-fest… & the subsequent chocolate hangover) the mixing process began well until the ‘add…

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