Yes yes I know. I’ve fallen off again. Well that is what happens when exam time comes for graduate students. We buckle down, hide out in Starbucks (thank goodness for Frappy Hour!), and retreat from the real world to churn out deliverables. Papers on narrative policy framework, fake RFPs for fake grants, essay exams, so on so forth (yes those were really some of my exams). And if you are a really luck graduate student, you also are finding an internship — starting that internship — and coordinating your departments graduation ceremony. Oy ve.

So this is me slowly emerging from my exam based haze. I’m cleaning up my papers, my books, and myself (it’s always my eyeborws that I let go of…I should get that taken care of…..). I will be taking classes over the summer — but just two classes at most, and they are online. I have an internship, but it’s part time. So overall I should be able to get back to this blogging thing, and clear out the back log of great ideas, rants, and domestic projects that I’ve been doing! It’s good to be back …..


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