Pinterist Schmenterist: Sally’s Baking Addiction PB Caramel Popcorn

So I swear Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction is trying to kill my pre-wedding non-diet. Yes a non-diet. I’m just trying to fit in the dress, not have to buy a new one. Beyond that whole issue, the woman has posted a recipe for Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn. I got a little weak when it first slid onto my Facebook Newsfeed.

After composing myself and clicking the link, I was delight to find that the recipe was simple and utilized items that most folks have in their homes: a bag of light butter microwave popcorn, honey, sugar, salt and peanut butter. One can add in some dry-roasted peanuts if you have them (which my house did, so I did).

From start to finish, it took maybe 20 minutes — and turned into a nice after dinner snack for the hubbs-to-be and I. A few recomendaitons:

  1. I think my bag of popcorn was a little shy of 10 cups. So I might try using two bags of popcorn next time.
  2. I wondered how it would be with M&Ms in it – might want to give that a go
  3. Under no circumstances should you put your finger in the silky smooth peanut butter mixture. Really. It’s hot HOT sugar…I forgot this under the delightful hypnosis of the peanut butter. I warn against it.
  4. Make it. NO really. It’s super quick, super easy, super simple, and quite tasty.




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