Fashion: Rain rain go away

So I had a lunch meeting with a big wig at a local bank. So I decided I should put on my big girl clothes. Hair in a conservative bun, librarian glasses, pearl earrings. You know; the stuff lawyer dreams are made of. Then I decided to go jacket less; but pair a cream 3/4 sleeve top with a pair of more trendy royal blue pants (top and pants both New York and Company). Finished off the look with black patent heels from Nine West.

I was proud. Conservative but age appropriate. Provided confidence to my position, but I didn’t look overly stuffy. And then I looked outside. Rain. Bah!

Thankfully it was raining but not raining when I pulled up to my parking spot at work. So I trotted the few blocks to the restaurant safely an mostly dry. Meeting went great!

Then I had to make it back to the office…and it was raining. Torrential downpour kinda rain. The rain that floods streets and makes a roughly four block walk a four block swim. And my poor shoes and pants have suffered greatly. Soaked from the knee down. *sigh* Nothing says professional kick-ass career woman than squishy flooded shoes and wet pants. Thankfully I just had some odds and ends to quicky finish in the office before squeeking and squishing out the door.

That’s what I get the one day I am not academic business casual (well no it was steamy hot Tuesday when I pulled out the full black suit for the Board Meeting…). Oh well. I still love these pants. So much that I have the heat on in my car to dry out….



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