Seriously: Me vs Drive Thru Service

So seriously; this is the second time in one week where I find myself staring at a quick service order with a salty smirk. Working at a fast food/quick service restaurant has to be difficult. Low pay; erratic hours; possibly no benefits unless you are management; and cranky customers. So I try my best to remember I am Southern and be polite. I say yes and now with ma’am and sir attached if I can discern gender through the scratchy squak box. I say thank you and please. I try not to be picky, but if I need to I make sure my requests are clear.

However things just are not going well deputy my politeness. First this week; I went to one if my favorite quick service joints — Panera Bread. I ordered a pick two of a Big Kid Grilled Cheese and a BBQ Chicken Salad. It was literally about to thunderstorm so I went through the drive thru and headed home only to get caught in the car. Once I got in, I showered since I had taught dance fitness earlier then sat down to nosh. The sandwich was okay –but due to my delays it had gotten cold. No harm no foul. So then I popped open my salad. My fantastic salad….that HAD NO CHICKEN on it. Umm how do you forget the chicken on a BBQ Chicken Salad? It’s in the name! I was just through. They also forgot my extra dressing — but the missing chicken was more of an issue. *facepalm*.

Then there is today — right now. I usually never go to Burger King but I’m running errands and it was on they way. So I ordered a Whopper Jr. with no lettuce and heavy onion. Pretty simple yeah. Guess not. As I got a sort of warm burger with a glob of ketchup, two pickles, and lettuce. I checked my receipt — no no it literally says “no lettuce; heavy onion”. *sigh and salty face*. I just wrapped it back up and put or in the bag.

So seriously fast food workers….my politeness gets me chicken-less salad and lukewarm burgers with the one extra I don’t want on it? Am I just expecting too much?!

And I’m still hungry! *grumble*




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