Not a Creature Was Stirring….except the Bride: Invitation Madness

So yes it’s only 12am where I am, but let me tell you that I am the ONLY creature stirring up in this house.  Dear Fiance — knocked out.  Dear Dog — snoring   Then there’s me.  Folk’s I know I’ve been gone for a while — minus a few funny video posts, but it’s crunch time here in wedding-land.  Its the THREE MONTH MARK (see….look down there on the right side of the screen, even that counter is yelling at me to move it!).  However the point of this post is about procrastination, mistakes, redemption, and the power of a very late night phone call.  Let me explain….

So having been engaged for one year and nearly four months, I have had the general luxury of making as calm and methodological of wedding plans as most any bride could be capable of.  We set a date soon after being engaged (struggling to set a date — read my post on that issue HERE) I’ve had my dress since last August, venue since last Winter, so on and so forth.  All of my bridesmaids were asked via personalized hand painted boxes (Pinterist ain’t got nothing on me) last summer.  Wedding website? Check!  Block room reservations? Check!  However then I kind of stopped.  I sent out on time Save the Dates (post on those suckers coming soon!) and so on…but other than that, I just kind of got burned out.  Again, as we all know I’m a reluctant bride as far as the planning of this-here shindig goes, so I took every opportunity to ignore it.

Well here I am, three months to the day and I have no choice to but get my rear in gear.  Therefore at 12am here is what my side of the bed looks like:



You see — I finally realized that OH CRAP I have to send out invitations.  So I finally got to printing them — I was going to be a boxed invitation girl no matter what.  Save some cash and all that jazz….no Wedding Paper Divas for me no matter how beauitful and well crafted their invitations are (darn you PhD caused poverty! *shakes fist*).

So there I am making printing progress…until I realized that I had ruined 170, yes ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY invitations.  With one tiny little “7” that had no business being on the invitation.  #epicmassivefail.

So then I went on the great Michaels Arts & Crafts hunt in a tri county area for the same invitations, and I only found 120 of them.  So what to do…what to do…don’t panic…what to do….oh panic!

The Dear Fiance noted that from the beginning he had liked a particular Etsy creation, and why don’t I consider going back to that idea for the remaining 170 invitations — sure some folks will get the boxed Michael’s creations (waste not want not), but why not go for it.  Plus if something happens I can just whip out the PDF and print more.  So I did.  I found a fantastic little shop on Etsy called Belle Hanah Paperie that had exactly what he was looking for.  The turn around time was fantastic (full disclosure I, in my freaked out panic, did pay for a rush delivery — but the shop owner was responsive and attentive none-the-less), and then off they were sent to Vistaprint for printing.

[NOTE:  I am not a paid advertiser for Michael’s  Belle Hanah, or Vistaprint — or any other shop, store, e-tailer that I mention in this post.  Although I wish I was, and would be happy to test out anything for them!]

Again, I paid extra for the Vistaprint middle ground shipping, and in the meantime visited multiple web shops searching for envelopes.  Vistaprint does a great job of printing, and giving paper options for your printed goods.  But no such luck with envelopes.  So I found a great site called Paper and More, who’s fantastic prices and large selection wowed me.  I ordered a few samples on rush, to come in with my first Vistaprint order.

So that brings us up to date with that photo above.  I gently cracked open my packages amongst my sleeping family.  Immediately I saw some great invitation and color combinations.  A way to make a beautiful, but unadorned invitation look stunning!  Then I slid out the invitations from Vistaprint saying a prayer that this first batch looked fantastic (I ordered in batches because I had Groupons to use….yep, coupons for wedding invitations.  You know you’re jealous!).  I breathed a quiet sigh of relief as I saw they were just as they should be.  Print clear and crisp on both invitations and RSVPs, so on so forth.  Yes!  A win for the girl who deep-sixed 170 invites!

So then I immediately begin to match potential envelopes and cards with the stationary….until.   UNTIL.  UNTIL.  I figured out my Vistaprint invitations were not A7 size as advertised and as confirmed via customer service.  They are NOT 5×7 — they are like 4.5×7.25.  Now for most people this would be water under a bridge — will it fit in the 5×7 invitation envelope, actually they will.  However, they will not fit into any self-respecting 5×7 pocket envelope….and I was just at a lost.  I had that Bride moment of literally getting out of bed to find the tape measure and make sure I wasn’t crazy.

Now here is the FANTASTIC thing about Vistaprint.  I called 11:55pm….when they close at 12am.  And the first brilliant thing is that they were still there.  The SECOND great thing is that I quickly explained that my 5×7’s were not 5×7 but some odd narrower/taller hybrid.  The customer service representative apologized, confirmed they were supposed to be a perfect 5×7 and then immediately reordered the batch for me and sent it via the fastest shipping they could accomplish  Now that is customer service!  You all have won this exhausted Bride’s vote of confidence!

There for in the end, the story goes that (1) I should have trusted my gut with the Etsy invite in the first place (I so like them better than the boxed invites); (2) my fiance was right as he tends to be; (3) shopping around isn’t a bad thing; and (4) sometimes a simple phone call can really fix everything.   I’ll probably bite the bullet and make some moves on envelopes tonight/tomorrow, and wait for my resized invitations to arrive on Tuesday to do the final match up.  Now, would anyone like to help address these suckers?


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