#Fitness: Fitbit One Review — The Good, The Bad, The Verdict

So recently I snapped a shot of my Fitbit One’s happy flower after an intense 90minutes of dance-fitness.  Someone asked me what it is — and I thought it would be good to do a blog post on fitness trackers.  I’ve had three fitness trackers — a Body Bug, Weight Watchers Active,  and the Fitbit One.  This post will just be on the Fitbit One, and I will talk about the Body Bug and the Weight Watchers Active at a later date.


FitBit One

The FitBit One is that tiny little device pictured above.  In all honesty, it is a souped-up pedometer.  The FitBit One’s display will show users encouraging messages, the time, the amount of steps taken in a day, the amount of stairs climbed, the amount of miles traveled, and the amount of calories burned.  It also challenges you to stay active with the use of a flower graphic that grows when you remain active, and shrinks when you become sedentary.


Fitbit has a pretty expansive line of products for those wanting to track their work out:

  • Fitbit Zip ($59.95). Tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. No sleep-monitoring or floors climbed. Also functions as a watch. Comes in blue, white, yellow, black, or pink. 
  • Fitbit One ($99.95). Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and sleep cycles. Can also function as an alarm or watch. Calories and water intake can be input manually. Comes in red or black.
  • Fitbit Aria scale ($129.95). Measures weight, body mass index, percent of body fat for up to eight people. Comes in white or black.
  • Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband ($99.95). Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, how long you’re active, hours slept, and quality of sleep. [Listing compiled by Business Insider]

The Good:

The good part of the Fitbit One is that it’s easy.  I clip it onto my bra and away I go.  I also love that the entire Fitbit line of products “talks” to MyFitnessPal and will adjust your calories and so on depending on your activity.  This makes food and fitness tracking even simpler.  If you have an iPhone 4s or higher, the Fitbit will also  refresh the Fitbit application to your latest stats for even more tracking abilities.

The Bad:

So when I started writing this post I was pretty faithful with wearing my Fitbit.  However, at this very moment — I have NO idea where it is.  It’s so little.  People wash them, or like me people misplace them.   So for about a month now, I have no idea where the little gadget it.  I also have misplaced the little dongle that goes into the USB drive of your computer for syncing, the clip case that the Fitbit One fits into, and the little USB charger at some point during the duration of my ownership of the device.  Over all — the little pieces are annoying because they can be lost and damaged pretty easily.   Further, this is just a glorified pedometer.  That is NOT to say I haven’t appreciate it — but sometimes during a pretty sweaty and intense workout I wonder if it’s really logging the activity that I’ve done.  Since it has no heart rate or temperature/sweat monitors, then it’s at an accuracy deficit as compared to say the Body Bug.  Generally I think during MegaMix (a 90 minute hard hitting workout at the fitness studio I work at (www.justdanceroanoke.com) and Just Burn (a 60 minute strength + cardio class) I get gipped a little bit (or perhaps a lot of bit).  Further, it has NO idea what to do during classes like Les Mills Body Pump (a choreographed weights class set to fantastic music) since it uses an accelerometer to measure movement and you might only be using the bar to work your biceps for example.  You could be sweating buckets, but it thinks you’re hardly moving.

The Verdict:

Overall if you don’t lose it or wash it, or do more Body Pump than walking/running/traditional cardio I think the Fitbit One is a good choice.  It’s small, relatively inexpensive compared to its competitors (like the Nike FuelBand and the Body Bug),  and has some great tools to go with it (e.g the iPhone and Android app + it’s MyFitnessPal integration).  

That being said, if I had the funds I would move to the Fitbit Flex wristband.  I would probably just wear it all the time (for the girl who is wearing a gold monogramed bracelet and a Timex Ironwoman watch — you can clearly see I don’t mind wearing something functional with something beautiful) and therefore hopefully not lose it — however I still would be concerned about how it tracks my weight training workouts and my super sweaty workouts.


2 thoughts on “#Fitness: Fitbit One Review — The Good, The Bad, The Verdict

  1. How weird. I read your review yesterday, and I’ve been too busy to offer my comments until now. I was going to say that I’ve had my fitbit one for more than two weeks, and have had little problem with losing it. The problems I’ve had were that it’s popped off my pocket when I’ve hiked with it, the belt loop of my backpack pushed it off. But I felt it “jump” and picked it up. This morning, however, I set it down before my shower, and when I came back, it was nowhere to be found. I annoyed my girlfriend by turning the light on at 6 am when she doesn’t have to get up for another hour. So it turns out that you’re right, and karma punishes those who disagree with the truth.

    That said, I really like mine. The sleep tracking thing is fantastic. The company I work for bought a fitbit for everyone, and we’re having a competition to see who uses it most. This is a great source of motivation. Even better is that there are cash prizes, and I’m well on my way to earning them. 🙂

    • Oh no! I hope you find yours! For months I did not loose mine, but when I did it seems to have found a comfortable black hole to hide in 😛

      Overall, out of the three fitness tracked I’ve owned and used — I do like the Fitbit. I didn’t address the sleep tracking, since most of my readers are far more into the fitness tracker aspect. However I did like the sleep tracker, when I remembered to do it. That’s why overall if I purchased another Fitbit, I would go for the Fitbit Flex which you can wear around your wrist 24/7.

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