Education Media Revolution: C.G. P. Grey Explains

So as you all know I am a PhD student, and having taught adult undergraduate courses  — I am ALWAYS looking for ways to allow my students to learn in a fun way.  Even non-traditional college students may not be in the class for the love of learning.  So sometimes you just have to find a way to capture their attention in a way that works.  I’ve found my savior in YouTube.  Over the next few Monday’s  I’ll be reviewing a few of my favorite YouTube channels for education.  They manage to make education informational, correct, but fun.

CGP Grey Explains

CGP Grey is a British YouTube video creator who specializes in educational videos that tend to focus on political science type topics.  I was introduced to him by the Dear Fiancé as I was struggling to teach my paralegal and business  students about election law.  He sent me the following video that explains gerrymandering, and it was so well done I built a lesson plan around it.  Lo and behold my students GOT IT!  They asked excellent questions, they were engaged, they leaned forward in their seats!

Any of you who teach know that that lean forward is money!   Here is a more current Grey video about the US Debt Ceiling:

Grey also utilize a companion blog for each video:  Further he has a facebook, twitter, tumblr, and google+ presence (along with a website) that makes his tools very attractive to the modern student.   So I hope you can use and enjoy Grey as much as I do for not only classroom tools, but also because sometimes I need a better explanation of things for my own edification!  SO be sure to click the subscribe button on Grey’s YouTube page and follow his videos!


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