Fashion: Office Selfie — Mellie Grant on a Budget

2013-12-03 12.07.45

Ah yes — it is the notorious office selfie.  However — I’ve been meaning to do more posts about fashion and dressing.  So here I go.

I’ve had lots of people ask me about how I dress.  Now I’m no size 2, nor am I a designer fashion plate.  However, I do try to dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable and confident.  In my 30s that dressing style has turned into a black version of Mellie Grant (First Lady on the television show Scandal (seriously if you don’t watch this — you should fix that now!).


I’ve taken to loving classic pieces.  Items that look great no matter where you are going — that fit well.  I’ve taken to dressing FOR my body shape, not what I wish it would be.  I do not wear clothes that are too tight, too short, or any too beyond “too cute!”.   If I had an unlimited budget, I would live in Talbots and Ann Taylor.  However – I do not.  So I shop on a budget, with the idea of buying classic items that can go from the office, to class, to dinner.

This outfit was what I chose to wear on a day I had a rather important presentation to make at work.  I didn’t want to wear a suit — I work in the third sector (nonprofit) and sometimes a suit feels a little too laywer-esque and gives me PTSD from that time when I WAS a lawyer.  So I chose:

  • Black Sweater Dress — Talbots
  • Brown Woven Belt — NY & Co
  • Brown Riding Boots — Lauren by Ralph Lauren
  • Grey Pearls — J. Crew

Now I KNOW right now some of you are about to yell at me.  You’re thinking — “Didn’t you say you shop on a budget?!”   Well yes, I did.  But budget dosen’t mean I can’t wear good brands.

The sweater dress was picked up during Talbot’s annual 90% off Red Tag sale (just be patient — it won’t start at 90% off, but it will get there).  Sure you’re buying a sweater dress in the middle of the summer — but it’s so worth it!

The belt was from an affordable brand — New York and Company and I’ve owned it for like four years.  It’s actually too big — but I love it so much.  So I use a long bobby pin to hook the belts end piece to the part wrapped around my waist.

The riding boots came from TJ Maxx — so you know I got a GREAT deal on them.  I also have owned them for like four years.  And the pearls were picked up either at the J. Crew Factory Outlet (here in Virginia there is one in Williamsburg, and two in Lynchburg that I like) or at the J. Crew Factory Warehouse Sale (yes friends the J. Crew warehouse is in Lynchburg and they have the most incredible yet frustrating sales on the face of the planet — more on that sale later).

So I did shop on a budget, I still got the style I love, and I looked fantastic for my presentation.

I’ll be working on more fashion based post throughout 2014 including a Honeymoon based post on traveling fashion and my first fat-kini (yes friends, I rocked a bikini and looked fantastic doing it!  No need to be a size 2!  Really!), and more easy on the eyes and budget office/casual fashion — so look out for it!

Until then — you can catch a little more of my style preferences on my Pinterest board: Fashion, Turn To The Left! 


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