Domestic Bliss is anything from the Pioneer Woman

My Husband loves anything Pioneer Woman

So I love to cook.  I forget that I love to cook because well …the life of a working PhD student does not usually lend itself nicely to cooking.

As one of my professors and mentors always says: “CPAP is a jealous mistress”.   CPAP stands for the Center for Public Administration and Policy which is the department where I am currently indentured studying to hopefully earn my PhD (or go clinically mad trying…).  PhD’s are difficult, time consuming, all consuming, exhausting, and battering.  Once you think you’ve got it right — your professor or heck just a random professor will tell you how wrong you are.  You’ll fix that error, re-submit, and then they will tell you you did it wrong again and make you change it right back to your first attempt (which you thought was right anyhow!).   For those of my fellow student colleagues who also have children — my God!  Are you nuts?!  I’m amazed I still have a husband and a dog who love me with the way I neglect them, and sometimes snap at them when they come to ask me something….if you have small humans, good grief either you or your child must be up for sainthood!

Anyhow… so yes I do love to cook.  Once I’m able to pry myself from my computer at the end of the Fall semester, after I take a look at myself and scream at what I see in the mirror (sallow skin, bloodshot eyes, bags, sags, general terror in the face) but then still just keep it moving — it’s usually Christmas time.  Time for being domestic!  Or more so time for rushing domestic activities cause I’ve had crap to do and am late on this whole holiday cheer thing.  I’ll plan better next year….


So I’ve been blessed with a cold that has kept not only myself, but the dear husband home for the holidays.  *cough, hack, sigh*  What else is there to do but cook?

So I had a spare loaf of bread hanging around, and decided to google a nice recipe for baked french toast one morning.  Boom!  Here comes THIS great recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

First let me say that I really like her story, and she seems like a great person.  I am sort of having her experiences right now — city girl finds herself in a Country home.  Only my husband is not the Marlboro Man and we have no cows.  We farm grasshoppers, one stray cat occasionally, and a country beagle.  So it’s Pioneer Woman light for the moment.

Having tried a few of her dishes out in the past month (more on those later) I instantly go for this one — because you know what guys and gals…my husband LOVES everything I’ve ever made from her site.  I mean EVERYTHING.

So although I have no photos of my cooking process, the only thing I changed was I swapped the vanilla extract for Hazelnut Liquor.  We’re stuck at home with a cold…why not.  I did not let it soak overnight, but for about three (maybe four? not sure) hours since when I started the husband was still snoozeling, and then I got caught in a homework hole and dug myself out around noon.

And let me tell you — it was FANTASTIC.  It also reheated in a 350 degree oven perfectly the next day.  Sweet, custard like on the inside, crispy and cinnamon laden on the outside.  I didn’t even use maple syrup with mine, though the husband likes his with a little drizzle.  This will seriously be my go-to lazy breakfast from now on.



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