I am just a newly turned thirtysomething trying to figure out life, love, marriage, and how to find the perfect little black dress.  Currently my day job is being a PhD student, and moonlighting as a dance-fitness instructor for fun (one who still loves cake!).


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  1. Sandra G. Narin says:

    I am an alumna of the class of June, 1958, of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, of which Prathia Hall was a distinguished member. The gathered alumnae of our class have nominated Prathia to the general alumnae association of our alma mater, to be selected as a Distinguished Daughter on the Court of Honor for the Philadelphia High School for Girls. We would like to share with Prathia’s son, Dubois Wynn, information about the honor for which we have nominated his mother, but we have not been able to find any current information about how to contact him.

    We saw your on-line article of February 3, 2013, Women of Black History Month: Prathia Hall | Hot Pink, High Heels, & Explosions, and the response to it of April 2, 2013, by Leona Mitchell, and were wondering whether you might know how we could contact Dubois Wynn. We would greatly appreciate any help you could give us in this regard.

    I am also sending a similar note to Leona Mitchell.

    Sandra G. Narin

    • Ms. Narin: I do not know the Hall family. I wanted to highlight women of Black History and came across her very compelling story. I would try to contact the person who wrote the articles I used to craft my post. Best of luck.

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