Beauty vs. Perception: Corporate Trojan Horse

Okay so yes, lets get this taken care of from the beginning.  The Dove products campaign for “real beauty” is a farce in some ways, and I realize that. [e.g. Why People Hate Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign]  It’s a huge corporation, that makes money selling beauty products trying to campaign for the freedom to rock your stretch marks and thunder thighs.   No their campaign is not perfect (see link above — and I do agree that they were WAY low on diversity and the overall criticism that the point of the forensic drawing exercise was to describe traditional beauty), but they are the ONLY ones out there showing the world that most real women are not uniformly shaped — they have blemishes, cellulite, and stretch marks — but they still are real women to be appreciated and admired for who they are not what size they are.

Now that we all are satisfied, let’s talk about their latest endeavor.   Dove Canada chose to try and tackle the issue of media manipulation head on.  Check on this video:

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Blogging Fail: 31 Day Challenge

So I was all gun-ho about doing Luvvie’s 31 day blogging challenge…note that today is August 5th. #fail. However, I am still determined to take the rest of this month by blogging storm! So be prepared for blogs on food, fitness, and wedding chaos coming your way!