Education Media Revolution: Smarter Every Day

Continuing on our journey through some of my favorite YouTube educational videos we have discussed Thug Notes, C.P.G. Grey, and Crash Course brothers John and Hank Green.  Today we’ll talk about Smarter Every Day.

Smarter Every Day:

Smarter Every Day is a science based YouTube channel that features a dad who explores super interesting science based questions like how does a cat always land on his/her feet (physics) and the slow motion action of a AK-47 underwater.  He states that he took the money he would have saved for his kids college fund to make science videos that would educate the world; hoping that eventually his videos may make back the funds he spent (you can use a link to donate to his children’s college fund if you like after watching his videos).  I think he does a fantastic job of explaining science in a way that is interesting and practical for students and adults alike — he takes the science and SHOWS you how it works.  His videos are family friendly as well, so no fear of showing these videos to your little ones!

Here is the Cat Drop video

(NO CAT was harmed in the making of that video, they used a stunt cat — I mean landing on their feet is what cats DO thanks to physics!):

Here is the AK-47 videos: