Blogging Fail: 31 Day Challenge

So I was all gun-ho about doing Luvvie’s 31 day blogging challenge…note that today is August 5th. #fail. However, I am still determined to take the rest of this month by blogging storm! So be prepared for blogs on food, fitness, and wedding chaos coming your way!



Seriously: Me vs Drive Thru Service

So seriously; this is the second time in one week where I find myself staring at a quick service order with a salty smirk. Working at a fast food/quick service restaurant has to be difficult. Low pay; erratic hours; possibly no benefits unless you are management; and cranky customers. So I try my best to remember I am Southern and be polite. I say yes and now with ma’am and sir attached if I can discern gender through the scratchy squak box. I say thank you and please. I try not to be picky, but if I need to I make sure my requests are clear.

However things just are not going well deputy my politeness. First this week; I went to one if my favorite quick service joints — Panera Bread. I ordered a pick two of a Big Kid Grilled Cheese and a BBQ Chicken Salad. It was literally about to thunderstorm so I went through the drive thru and headed home only to get caught in the car. Once I got in, I showered since I had taught dance fitness earlier then sat down to nosh. The sandwich was okay –but due to my delays it had gotten cold. No harm no foul. So then I popped open my salad. My fantastic salad….that HAD NO CHICKEN on it. Umm how do you forget the chicken on a BBQ Chicken Salad? It’s in the name! I was just through. They also forgot my extra dressing — but the missing chicken was more of an issue. *facepalm*.

Then there is today — right now. I usually never go to Burger King but I’m running errands and it was on they way. So I ordered a Whopper Jr. with no lettuce and heavy onion. Pretty simple yeah. Guess not. As I got a sort of warm burger with a glob of ketchup, two pickles, and lettuce. I checked my receipt — no no it literally says “no lettuce; heavy onion”. *sigh and salty face*. I just wrapped it back up and put or in the bag.

So seriously fast food workers….my politeness gets me chicken-less salad and lukewarm burgers with the one extra I don’t want on it? Am I just expecting too much?!

And I’m still hungry! *grumble*



Blogger Fail



So yes, I’ve committed a blogger fail — I just haven’t blogged.  Life has caught up with me.  I have tons of draft blogs sitting in my dashboard — photos to be posted, stories to be shared.  I have lists of potential blog topics.  But life has caught up with me.  School is crazy, wedding planning can no longer be ignored, and even my doctor noted yesterday how tired I look.  

So my commitment to myself, and to you all — is that I’ll be back.  Most likely slower at first, but I have to achieve that elusive balance.  Sure some folks say it’s impossible, but again when your doctor notes how tired you look –I suppose I have to at least try to find it.  

So over the next few weeks I plan to find it — I plan to blog more and return to January 2013 level of posting soon.  But along the way if I find any tools or tricks, I’ll share them — and I would love to hear any of your advice about how to get it done without loosing your mind 🙂 

See you soon — Ash