Financial Friday: Banned from TED?

So as you all know I recently watched and fell in love with the film: “Inequality For All”   

I was curious as to who this very well spoken and researched millionaire was in the film.  He is Nick Hanauer — a venture capitalist who only buys a few pairs of pants every year, and was one of the first non-family investors in  

And he has a banned TED talk…..wait…what?

Yes folks, apparently even some talks are too controversial for the good people of TED.  But as Time points out — the topic of inequality is not really controversial.  What I think was the controversial part was that Mr. Hanauer has the street cred to say that the multimillionaires are NOT job creators, because he actually is one!  During the election year of chief job creator Mitt Romney vs President Obama…I can see this ruffling some Romney-loving donors.  However, that is what I always loved about TED.  I love that they have speakers who challenge preconceived notions, who challenge your own world view.  To me, that is the point of learning — is to grow and maybe even change.  Beyond that …here is his talk for this Financial Friday.  


For sake of fairness, here is a Forbes article stating how wrong Hanauer is: CLICK HERE


Let me know what you think — should this have been banned from the TED site and hidden away on YouTube?  Is he saying something controversial, or just stating the facts?