So this girl is a rockstar. One day I want half the courage to quit something unfulfilling…..really, seriously. I stick with things forever. I don’t quit. I was taught not to quit. So I continue doing things that make me miserable — until…well forever really. Well I did end up leaving one job because I was miserable — when I was a Magistrate I left because I hated going to work somedays. But I left to do something else — not just quit. I have never just quit and let myself float through a period of time. Ever. That is scary…..

So have you all ever just quit with no Plan B? Have you ever just said “I’m Gone” to something unfulfilling?

P.S — This woman DID get a job on the Queen Latifah show….pretty cool huh? She said: “Sometimes you have to shut a door forcefully for another one to open” Pretty darn good advice.