Video Break: It Get’s Worse

From someone who worked retail all through college, during the summers through law school, as the only job I could get after being let go from the firm I worked for, and once I returned home before becoming a Magistrate.   Trust me on how TRUE this entire video is.  SO very true.  I remember the time a woman told me I couldn’t possibly be the manager when she asked to speak to my supervisor — I also recall my best friend at the time who was also a manager nearly yelling “Is it because she’s black?!”.   Yep…it gets worse.   To all those who are running a register, folding shirts using a folding board for the fifth time during your one shift, climbing a shady ladder to grab a super heavy box of breakable glass, busing a table that formerly held way too many toddlers, or trying to figure out why that lady who orders the SAME latte always holds up your line as if she’ll change her order — I salute you!