2014 is coming! Organize thine self!

So I always pledge that I will do better in the new year. ¬†I will organize better — I will be better — I will be amazing.

Sure it does not always work out that way.  Currently my workspace looks like this:

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Great Tips for Quick Gym Tricks

Great Tips for Quick Gym Tricks

I am not the five hour gym rat. ¬†I want to get in, and get out. ¬†That is how I keep my motivation to go to the gym at all. ¬†If I felt like I had to stay there for even two hours, I would find a reason to not go. ¬†With busy lives, it’s easier to carve out 30 minutes to 60 minutes than anything else. ¬†I thought this article from FitSugar was a great one — with good tips. ¬†It also served as a nice reminder from a Fitness website that you DON’T have to be in the gym or studio for an hour to still get in a good work out that will do your body good.

A few tips from my own personal file:

  1. Make sure your workout is convenient:¬† Sure there is that amazing gym across town — but how often will you really go? ¬†If you have to go out of your way to work out, you probably will chose the path of least resistance and less gym time. ¬†I recently switched gyms to one that is closer to my fiance’s farm and has branches that can work with my life in the City. ¬†It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the gym that had not seen my face since I stopped teaching there. ¬†It’s a perfectly lovely facility, but it’s no where near where my life is — UNLESS I try to swing in on my way back home from VT — and even then it’s¬†inconvenient¬† and I’m usually exhausted from the full work+class day. ¬†So find a facility (gym, low-cost gym, studio, whatever) that is close to your work or home, and you may go more often and find it more convenient¬†to your life.¬†
  2. Keep Your Stuff Close, and Your Plan to Fat Burn Closer: I have found that if I leave clothes in my car, then I may make that¬†impromptu¬†trip to the gym. ¬† Its also helpful for teaching emergencies (I have so slid on a brand new pair of pants with a hole in them…trust me). ¬†I use two Thirty One products that help me stay organized in my cargo space. ¬†First is the Large Utility Tote. ¬†I keep this in my car, and it holds my Yoga Mat, my Hot Yoga Mat towel, and various other items. ¬†I also put the Thirty One Organizing Utility Tote in the Large Utility Tote. ¬†This small power bag holds all of my items for a trip to the gym or studio as a member, and for a trip to the studio to teach a fitness class. ¬†I love the small pockets — I organize using those pockets so that I (1) don’t forget anything and (2) know exactly where my brush is, or my¬†Chapstick. ¬†[I am not a consultant, nor am I getting any free swag for this — though I will totally accept some free swag…]
  3. iCal/Google¬†Calendar¬†Lilly¬†Pulitzer¬†Agenda your Workouts: ¬†I’ve been failing on this one myself — namely because my schedule is tight as it is, and because again in all honest — sometimes I like just sitting in my house and petting my dog. ¬†However, when I was in the full-time working world prior to school (and during the summer) I found that if I scheduled workouts outside of my fitness instructor obligations, that I would plan for them and 8 times out of 10 — keep the date with the treadmill or with another instructors class (also again see #1 — I worked across the street from a friends class this summer, so when I got off work early enough I just walked across the street and went to class. ¬†Worked out great– now only if that employer would hire me…)

Do you have any tips or personal shortcuts to fit in a quick effective workout when you can?