Black HIstory Month — SNL 28 Reasons

So I appreciate that SNL, despite being under extreme duress, has tried to increase the amount of African-American comedians on their show and in their writting room. The history of comedy as an artful expression in the African-American community is long and historic. Who would deny the impact of even modern comedians such as Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle and others (yes yes I do know I focused on males, but in all honesty they have had a larger overall national reach). The new young comedians are taking the torch from the masters including Key & Peele on Comedy Central and now the new (and seasoned) actors on SNL.

Last Black History Month I focused on women of color who had made great contributions to the United States. However, I’ll be honest ….I’ve had a bad January. So I think I’d like to laugh and loose myself for just a few moments. For this February, I will be trying to find some of the skits from African-American comedians that make me smile and laugh; maybe even adding in some information on other African-Americans making strides in media art forms (e.g. TV and Film). I’ll try to post one at least every Monday — so lets start with this piece of satire from SNL. Enjoy!