#Fitness: Fitbit One Review — The Good, The Bad, The Verdict

So recently I snapped a shot of my Fitbit One’s happy flower after an intense 90minutes of dance-fitness. ¬†Someone asked me what it is — and I thought it would be good to do a blog post on fitness trackers. ¬†I’ve had three fitness trackers — a Body Bug, Weight Watchers Active, ¬†and the Fitbit One. ¬†This post will just be on the Fitbit One, and I will talk about the Body Bug and the Weight Watchers Active at a later date.


FitBit One

The FitBit One is that tiny little device pictured above. ¬†In all honesty, it is a souped-up pedometer. ¬†The FitBit One’s display will show users encouraging messages, the time, the amount of steps taken in a day, the amount of stairs climbed, the amount of miles traveled, and the amount of calories burned. ¬†It also challenges you to stay active with the use of a flower graphic that grows when you remain active, and shrinks when you become sedentary.


Fitbit has a pretty expansive line of products for those wanting to track their work out:

  • Fitbit Zip ($59.95).¬†Tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. No sleep-monitoring or floors climbed. Also functions as a watch. Comes in blue, white, yellow, black, or pink.¬†
  • Fitbit One ($99.95).¬†Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and sleep cycles. Can also function as an alarm or watch. Calories and water intake can be input manually. Comes in red or black.
  • Fitbit Aria scale ($129.95).¬†Measures weight, body mass index, percent of body fat for up to eight people. Comes in white or black.
  • Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband ($99.95).¬†Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, how long you’re active, hours slept, and quality of sleep. [Listing compiled by Business Insider]

The Good:

The good part of the Fitbit One is that it’s easy. ¬†I clip it onto my bra and away I go. ¬†I also love that the entire Fitbit line of products “talks” to MyFitnessPal and will adjust your calories and so on depending on your activity. ¬†This makes food and fitness tracking even simpler. ¬†If you have an iPhone 4s or higher, the Fitbit will also ¬†refresh the Fitbit application to your latest stats for even more tracking abilities.

The Bad:

So when I started writing this post I was pretty faithful with wearing my Fitbit. ¬†However, at this very moment — I have NO idea where it is. ¬†It’s so little. ¬†People wash them, or like me people misplace them. ¬† So for about a month now, I have no idea where the little gadget it. ¬†I also have misplaced the little dongle that goes into the USB drive of your computer for syncing, the clip case that the Fitbit One fits into, and the little USB charger at some point during the duration of my ownership of the device. ¬†Over all — the little pieces are annoying because they can be lost and damaged pretty easily. ¬† Further, this is just a glorified pedometer. ¬†That is NOT to say I haven’t appreciate it — but sometimes during a pretty sweaty and intense workout I wonder if it’s really logging the activity that I’ve done. ¬†Since it has no heart rate or temperature/sweat monitors, then it’s at an accuracy deficit as compared to say the Body Bug. ¬†Generally I think during MegaMix (a 90 minute hard hitting workout at the fitness studio I work at (www.justdanceroanoke.com) and Just Burn (a 60 minute strength + cardio class) I get gipped a little bit (or perhaps a lot of bit). ¬†Further, it has NO idea what to do during classes like Les Mills Body Pump (a choreographed weights class set to fantastic music) since it uses an accelerometer to measure movement and you might only be using the bar to work your biceps for example. ¬†You could be sweating buckets, but it thinks you’re hardly moving.

The Verdict:

Overall if you don’t lose it or wash it, or do more Body Pump than walking/running/traditional cardio I think the Fitbit One is a good choice. ¬†It’s small, relatively inexpensive compared to its¬†competitors (like the Nike FuelBand and the Body Bug),¬† and has some great tools to go with it (e.g the iPhone and Android app + it’s MyFitnessPal integration). ¬†

That being said, if I had the funds I would move to the Fitbit Flex wristband. ¬†I would¬†probably¬†just wear it all the time (for the girl who is wearing a gold monogramed¬†bracelet¬†and a Timex Ironwoman watch — you can clearly see I don’t mind wearing something functional with something beautiful) and therefore hopefully not lose it — however I still would be concerned about how it tracks my weight training workouts and my super sweaty workouts.


Blah Bites: Hardee’s Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Sandwich

So during exams I was in a rush and starving. ¬†The closest fast food joint to where I was that was NOT a McDonalds was a Hardees. ¬†So I slowly pulled in, expecting to be forced to leave with just a $1.00 tanker of Diet Coke in my hands. ¬†However, they still had their Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Sandwich. ¬†So I thought I’d take a risk, and give it a go.

Now me and Hardees go wayyyyy back. ¬†What fat kid in the South did NOT love Hardees breakfast¬†biscuits? ¬†Heck what skinny kid did not love Hardees¬†biscuits? ¬† Pre-weight loss me would certainly indulge in the¬†delicious¬†treats that Hardees (thats Carl’s Jr. for those West Coasters) would provide. ¬†My favorite was the Chicken Fried Steak breakfast biscuit — add mayo. ¬†Yep. ¬†Thats a hunka fat and calories right there, but MAN do I remember it being tasty. ¬† I try to avoid trigger foods like that now. ¬†Not because they still may not taste good — but I know they are horrible for me, and even more so I know that I will feel SO darn guilty after eating them that it ins’t worth it calorically or emotionally. ¬†However, today was a different day and I needed nourishment. ¬†So to the cod sandwich I went. ¬†Here are the stats from Hardee’s website (which actually does have one of the better nutrition listings I’ve seen — you can build your “bag” to see what you are about to put in your mouth) [10 Weight Watchers Points]:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.18.24 AM

So 10 points is a lot for many people — but again I hadn’t eaten all day. ¬†So here we went. ¬† The Verdict: ¬†not amazing, but not half bad.

The cod was cooked well — still moist and actually quite flavorful. ¬†They pair it with a more “multi-grain” bun [they call it their honey wheat], but being honest as you’ll see in the photos — I ended up throwing the bun away. ¬†I didn’t need it, nor like it that much to eat it. ¬†Then there was a slice or two of tomato, a lettuce leaf, and some tartar sauce.

IMG_0230 IMG_0231 IMG_0232

Overall, if I was in a hurry again — but was going to sit at a desk where I could deconstruct this sandwich, I might get it again. ¬†There are no break down stats on how many points just the fish filet is, but I’m sure it isn’t that horrible. ¬†I imagine most of those points come from the bun. ¬†So this (and my $1 tanker of Diet Coke) turned out to be an okay investment. ¬†Imagine that.

Blah Bites: Review of Panera Bread Co. Shrimp Roll Sandwich

So Panera and I have a love/hate relationship.   Panera Bread is one of the healthiest fast food choices you can make.  They have salads, soups, and sandwiches that depending on your choices can be a healthy meal.  However, they are expensive and sometimes things are simply just misses.  So I find myself eating the same meal over and over again.

However, recently — for the summer months they released their Shrimp Salad Roll sandwich. ¬†They describe it as:

Shrimp tossed with lemon tarragon mayo, leaf lettuce and avocado served in a freshly baked New England roll and topped with chopped basil and Old Bay seasoning. Served with choice of half a cafe salad or cup of cafe soup.

I thought I would give it a go, with a cup of their Corn Chowder Soup.  I was not looking for a low-fat, low-carb, low anything meal.  I wanted something to perk up my bored taste buds.  Here are the stats for the sandwich (the entire sandwich is 17 Weight Watchers Points):

Summer Shrimp Salad Roll Sandwich


Now let me also say that I had been on a no-shellfish moratorum prior to this as well, and was having some heavy shellfish cravings. ¬†The Hubbs-To-Be has some skin/allerge issues where when it flairs up — shellfish only makes it worse. ¬†He isn’t alergic to shellfish per se, it’s more that it can make a flair up 10x worse. ¬†I had wanted his flair up to clear up, so I had taken us off of shellfish. ¬†No oysters, no shrimp, no crab. ¬†Sad because we both LOVE oysters, shrimp, and crab….. Yet I digress. ¬†I figured I could eat this tasty treat, and then sooth the savage beast.


Sadly.  No.

IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0229

The sandwich was….well. ¬†Not what I had hoped for. ¬†The bread was this huge, thick roll — but it just only¬†frustrated¬†me. ¬†It didn’t add anything to the sandwich like ¬†hear New Englander’s state about the roll that makes up the Lobster Roll sandwich. ¬†It was just blah. ¬†I have to give snaps to Panera for having perfectly cooked¬†shrimp¬†however. ¬†Moist, not chewy, and plump. ¬† But the rest of the salad was also very — well blah. ¬†Blah mayo, blah¬†avocado¬† ¬†It tasted very….bland. ¬†Like the spice fairy had forgotten to visit it — and the veggie fairy too. ¬†Maybe some crunchy veggies and a good tangy dressing might have saved it from the blah roll. ¬†But as is — I was utterly¬†disappointed¬† ¬† I hate it when my full fat treats turn out to be bombs. ¬†So I picked out a few of the shrimp to eat, and then I ate the soup (which was pretty nondescript as well — I didn’t even take a picture ….)


Oh well. ¬†Next time I think I’ll just order my usual…in my humble opinion it is SO not worth 17 weight watchers points.

Fit Eating: Panera Bread Co. Egg, Bacon and Cibatta — Meh.

So I decided to treat my taste buds to something rich, evil, and¬†certainly¬†off any diet plan I’ve ever been on! ¬†As I pulled into my local Panera Bread before work, I decided that I will not get the power sandwich, or the hidden low-carb bowl! ¬†Oh no! ¬†Today I want good bread, I want cheese, I want BACON!

So I pulled into my friendly Panera Bread and ordered the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on Cibatta:

All-natural egg ‚ÄĒ freshly cracked every morning ‚ÄĒ a thick slice of Vermont white cheddar and Applewood-smoked bacon all grilled on freshly baked Ciabatta.

Here it is in all it’s non-diet glory!

2013-04-16 09.23.35

And that is about all I ate of it. ¬†No really. ¬†Seriously. ¬†It was MEH. ¬†It was the most MEH breakfast sandwich I had had in a long time. ¬†And I have eaten protein bars — this was more MEH. ¬†Really really just blah.
So here we go — lemme try to review this….more about the meh sandwich after the jump….