Video Break: Real life….conference call


This is deadly accurate, yeah!! Conference calls can be the best and the worst way to get work done. However, you know what is worse now? The video call.  

Ever caught yourself laughing during a video call…at something that is totally not happening on the call? Multitasking with YouTube is ill advised while on video…even if the sketch of the kitten getting attacked by the pet lizard is hilarious! With video conference calls one cannot necessarily be in her PJ’s with my hair all akimbo. ¬†I say necessarily because I could be wearing PJ bottoms, but a nice top. ¬†Though…I’ve never done that on a video conference call…nope..never…..


Black HIstory Month — SNL 28 Reasons

So I appreciate that SNL, despite being under extreme duress, has tried to increase the amount of African-American comedians on their show and in their writting room. The history of comedy as an artful expression in the African-American community is long and historic. Who would deny the impact of even modern comedians such as Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle and others (yes yes I do know I focused on males, but in all honesty they have had a larger overall national reach). The new young comedians are taking the torch from the masters including Key & Peele on Comedy Central and now the new (and seasoned) actors on SNL.

Last Black History Month I focused on women of color who had made great contributions to the United States. However, I’ll be honest ….I’ve had a bad January. So I think I’d like to laugh and loose myself for just a few moments. For this February, I will be trying to find some of the skits from African-American comedians that make me smile and laugh; maybe even adding in some information on other African-Americans making strides in media art forms (e.g. TV and Film). I’ll try to post one at least every Monday — so lets start with this piece of satire from SNL. Enjoy!



So this girl is a rockstar. One day I want half the courage to quit something unfulfilling…..really, seriously. I stick with things forever. I don’t quit. I was taught not to quit. So I continue doing things that make me miserable — until…well forever really. Well I did end up leaving one job because I was miserable — when I was a Magistrate I left because I hated going to work somedays. But I left to do something else — not just quit. I have never just quit and let myself float through a period of time. Ever. That is scary…..

So have you all ever just quit with no Plan B? Have you ever just said “I’m Gone” to something unfulfilling?

P.S — This woman DID get a job on the Queen Latifah show….pretty cool huh? She said: “Sometimes you have to shut a door forcefully for another one to open” Pretty darn good advice.


Education Media Revolution: Smarter Every Day

Continuing on our journey through some of my favorite YouTube educational videos we have discussed Thug Notes, C.P.G. Grey, and Crash Course brothers John and Hank Green. ¬†Today we’ll talk about Smarter Every Day.

Smarter Every Day:

Smarter Every Day is a science based YouTube channel that features a dad who explores super interesting science based questions like how does a cat always land on his/her feet (physics) and the slow motion action of a AK-47 underwater. ¬†He states that he took the money he would have saved for his kids college fund to make science videos that would educate the world; hoping that eventually his videos may make back the funds he spent (you can use a link to donate to his children’s college fund if you like after watching his videos). ¬†I think he does a fantastic job of explaining science in a way that is interesting and practical for students and adults alike — he takes the science and SHOWS you how it works. ¬†His videos are family friendly as well, so no fear of showing these videos to your little ones!

Here is the Cat Drop video

(NO CAT was harmed in the making of that video, they used a stunt cat — I mean landing on their feet is what cats DO thanks to physics!):

Here is the AK-47 videos:


Education Media Revolution: Crash Course

I began writing about some of my favorite educational sources on YouTube in August, and then got caught up with trying to start being a PhD student again. ¬†However, there are a few more video makers I’d like to highlight in the coming weeks to help any educator out there find some great media to use in their classrooms.

So far we’ve spoken about Thug Notes and CPG Grey.¬†Today I’d like to highlight the great brothers of Crash Course.

Crash Course!

John and Hank Green create these fantastic videos about either History/Literature (John Green) or Science (Hank Green). ¬†The videos are top notch productions that give a very “cliff notes” type survey of a particular topic. ¬†I stumbled across them while teaching adults, and I love that they put little adult centered easter eggs in the productions that will make you laugh. ¬†However, they are completely appropriate for teens and tweens and may help any person trying to learn a subject recall certain aspects of that lesson quickly due to the visuals. ¬†The brothers have tons of videos that will help out any History (word and U.S.), English (focused on literature), or Science instructor.

Here is one video on U.S. Reconstruction:

Here is one video on polar and non-polar molecules: